Bangkok Dark Tales

Three directors tell three creepy stories that all take place in Thailand's capital city, Bangkok. The first story is about a businesswoman who encounters something terrifying while working overnight on New Year's Eve, as she has to sit next to the desk of a colleague who died a few weeks ago. The second story follows two young women who travel to the capital city for the first time, one of them who is sceptical of anything supernatural. They will have to survive a horrifying night after inadvertently renting a house once occupied by a murdered family. The third story tells of a couple that somehow ends up in a movie theatre that is supposed to allow only ghosts in. They must now find a way to escape from the haunted place.

Language: Khmer
Subtitle: None
Classification: NA
General Release Date: 29 Dec 2019
Genre: Horror
Running Time: NA
Distributor: Sabay MVP
Cast: Napat Banchongchitpaisal, Nachjaree Horvejkul, Thananya Manthawee
Director: Thanvimol Onpapliw, Alwa Ritsila
Format: 2D