Love At Second Sight

It's love at first sight for young couple Raphael and Olivia, who meet in high school. After getting married, Raphael sets about writing his novel, a pulp sci-fi with a post-apocalyptic Paris as background. Olivia, though a talented pianist, puts her career on hold to support him. After his novel gets published, he forgets about her despite her help in putting the novel together. However, he one day wakes up to find himself in a parallel universe, where Olivia is now a globally known pianist and to her, he is a complete stranger. He will have to find a way to win her heart all over again.

Language: French
Subtitle: English / Khmer
Classification: G
General Release Date: 16 Oct 2019
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance
Running Time: 118
Distributor: Westec Media Limited
Cast: François Civil, Joséphine Japy, Benjamin Lavernhe, Camille Lellouche
Director: Hugo Gélin
Format: 2D