Love Battle

Tan is an actuary whose own heartbreak leads to him introducing the "Love Insurance", a new insurance policy that guarantees 100% returns of the payment with 30% of interests to policyholders if after two years of signing the contract, the policyholders don't end their romantic relationships. When the company's board members express doubts that most of the policyholders will break up before their two years are up, Tan has to team up with a former matchmaker, Jeed, to collect data on it. However, Jeed holds the opposite value from Tan as she believes that love cannot be measured.

Language: Khmer
Subtitle: None
Classification: G
General Release Date: 27 Sep 2019
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Running Time: 126
Distributor: Sabay MVP
Cast: Prama Imanotai, Esther Supreeleela, Prakpoom Jongmunwattana, Thanavate Siriwattanagul
Director: Wirat Hengkongdee
Format: 2D