I Still See You

Sixteen-year old Ron lives in a world where humans and ghosts co-exist after a top-secret lab experiment went wrong and caused an apocalyptic event about a decade ago, leaving the world haunted by ghosts, also known as spectral remnant or rem. When an unfamiliar rem starts stalking her, she teams up with her classmate to find out why. Looking for answers, she goes to the site of the lab accident. There she witnesses rems re-enacting a murder. She is now racing against time to stop a killer who is determined to destroy her.

Language: English
Subtitle: Khmer
Classification: G
General Release Date: 18 Mar 2019
Genre: Horror
Running Time: 100
Distributor: Westec Media Limited
Cast: Bella Thorne, Dermot Mulroney, Richard Harmon
Director: Scott Speer
Format: 2D