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Be With You

Woo-jin is a single father raising his child alone after his wife passes away. Before her passing, she promised that she would come back after a year. So a year later, she suddenly reappears in his life but she no longer has any recollection of her past.

Language: Korean
Subtitle: English
Classification: G
Release Date: 14 Jun 2018
Genre: Drama / Romance
Running Time: 2 Hours 9 Minutes
Distributor: Westec Media Limited
Cast: So Ji-Sub, Son Ye-jin, Ko Chang-Seok, Kim Ji-Hwan
Director: Lee Jang-Hoon
Format: 2D

[ព័ត៌មានបន្ថែម] [សង្ខេបរឿងជាភាសាខ្មែរ]
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Writer: Cinnamon Lion

Writer Ratings:

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The Good, the Bad and the Single Father:

• A tearjerker that has just the right amount of sadness which won't have you bawl your eyes out but still be enough to sob and shed tears. The story is touching in the sense of how relatable the characters are as well as their development.

• Son Ye-jin plays the key role in the movie as the late mother. Although not the most versatile, her talent in expressing words with just her facial expressions works well enough to make the story even more emotional than it already is.

• The chemistry between the cast is on point. Bringing the best out of not only their own characters, but each other as well.

• The cinematography and effects adds the cherry on top. The emotions of each scene are brought to another level in addition to the elements around, the lighting, the score, the shot, just about everything feels like they are in the right place.

Cinema Online, 08 May 2018
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