"Vikaljarek" gets honored in China

Writer: Khen Sophara

Huy Yaleng and Vandy Piseth from "Vikaljarek".

22 Dec – "Vikaljarek", the Khmer local box office hit psychological thriller and one of the very few Khmer films ever made of the said genre received its well-deserved honor as it was invited for an exclusive screening at The First Lanmei International Film Week 2016 in Nanjing, China last Monday, 19 December 2016.

Attending the prestigious event were both the lead actor and director of the extreme thriller, Vandy Piseth and Huy Yaleng respectively.

"My film was very well-received by the local filmmakers and I was asked for permission to allow them to show my film at the Ministry of Arts and schools across the capital city of Nanjing" said the director, as reported by Post News.

"They said they wanted to buy the rights to remake the film but at what price, it is not informed yet. They also wanted to collaborate and make a Chinese-Cambodian produced film," he added.

Vandy Piseth, the main star of the movie who has attended film festivals in Japan, Switzerland and South Korea said this was a milestone for the Cambodian Film industry.

"I hope this will serve as a message to Cambodian Filmmakers that Khmer films is on the rise and it will continue rising. Let's bond together and make the world know us through another cultural means, through our very own films," said Vandy.

The film was awarded with an honorable "Screening Award" at the event along with other films screened at The First Lanmei International Film Week 2016.

(Photo Source: Vandy Piseth Facebook)

Cinema Online, 22 December 2016

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