PuPrum to release four more movies in 2016

Writer: Florey DM

PuPrum Entertainment held a press conference to announce its upcoming movies .

21 Sep – Four more local movies are set to be released by PuPrum Entertainment in 2016, with the first of the batch releasing the end of this month.

PuPrum held a press conference recently to announce the upcoming movies, which include the award-winning "Diamond Island" by director Davy Chou.

In attendance were Mr. Sum Sithen, General Manager of PuPrum Entertainment; a representative of Mr. Ly Vieth, General Manager of VCine Pictures; Mr. Neang Kavich, Director of Anti-Archive Films; Mr. Hour Yaleng, Director of Meato Chak Films; Ms. Sothea Ines, CEO of ComeTogether Films and Mr. Sin Chansaya, Director of Cinema Department.

Apart from the aforementioned movie, other PuPrum releases for the fourth quarter of this year are "Welcome to Hell", "Vikalcharet" and "Love to the Power of 4".

The first to be released is VCine Pictures' "Welcome to Hell", which will start showing in cinemas this 29 September.

The remaining movies have yet to receive confirmed release dates.

A movie still from "Diamond Island".

According to Sothea Ines, who won the top prize at Tropfest South East Asia back in 2014, her movie, "Love to the Power of 4", which combines the thrill of action, comedy and romance, is still in post-production.

When asked why the four production companies have chosen PuPrum as their respective movies' distributor, Neang Kavich, whose company produced "Diamond Island" or "Koh Pich", the movie which won the Screenwriter's Prize at the 69th Cannes Film Festival, stated that it was because "PuPrum supports local producers and local movies."

Meanwhile, producer of "Vikalcharet", Hour Yaleng, said that promotion had been lacking for his previous productions, leading to unsatisfactory box office collection.

However, with the help of PuPrum, there had been a significant improvement in the area. His last movie, "Poppy Goes to Hollywood", was able to achieve a higher box office collection at the local cinema and the comedy movie was also able to be distributed in other countries.

PuPrum Entertainment, a joint venture between Westec Media Limited and Sabay MVP, distributes locally-made movies and is one of the leading licensing companies and content providers in Cambodia.

Cinema Online, 21 September 2016

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