"Wonder Park", where imagination comes to life

Writer: Stephen Andre Richard

Let your imagination come to life with "Wonder Park". The animated film tells the story of a girl named June, who stumbles upon a magical amusement park hidden deep in the woods but it is slowly left unorganised. When she realises that the wonderful park was brought to life by her own imagination, she and her animal friends band together to save it. Let's get to know some of the characters before the movie hits the big screens. Note that the posters below bear the UK cast names but we'll list down the US cast names for you since the movie showing here will be voiced by the US cast.

Brianna Denski voices the optimistic and imaginative girl, June.

Mila Kunis takes on the role of voicing Greta, a wild boar.

John Oliver is the voice of Steve the porcupine.

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Cinema Online, 09 March 2019

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