One couple's viral video leads to "The Rope Curse"

Writer: Florey DM

The rope ritual stems from the belief that when someone commits suicide by hanging, the rope used in the act will be cursed, hence ancient rituals are carried out to lift the curse from the rope by setting it on fire and placing it in the sea. Taiwan still practices the ritual to this day as a sign of respect for the deceased. In "The Rope Curse", a couple hoping to make a viral video decide to stream the rope ritual, only to find that by doing so they have unwittingly placed a curse upon themselves. Take a look at these stills from the movie to prepare yourself for the horror of "The Rope Curse".

This young couple's life is forever changed by the rope curse.

This woman is stunned to see something bloody and horrifying in front of her.

Can the curse be reversed with a ritual?

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Cinema Online, 06 March 2019

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