Body swap movies like "Daddy Issue"

Writer: Florey DM

"Daddy Issue", directed by Ken Ochiai, tells of a father-daughter duo who doesn't see eye to eye and one day, their bodies are swapped with each other, just when each has something important to deal with in their lives. If this sounds familiar, you must have watched the Disney comedy "Freaky Friday" or the Japanese TV series "Seven Days of a Daddy and a Daughter", which is adapted from the same novel "Daddy Issue" is: "Papa to Musume no Nanokakan", or you might have also watched "Daddy You, Daughter Me", the 2017 Korean movie based on the aforementioned TV series. Being such a popular comedy trope, there's been plenty of movies made that focus on body swaps. Let's take a look at six of our favourites (arranged in no particular order).

2011's "The Change-Up" stars Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman as a couple of friends
who envy each other's life but when their bodies get swapped, they realise
that things are not what they seem.

In 2006 romantic comedy "It's A Boy Girl Thing", the popular jock Woody and the nerdy
Nell often argue but start understanding and having feelings for each other
after an ancient spell causes them to switch bodies.

Like the above, 2017 Thai rom-com "You and Me XXX" involves sports and high school.
It follows Pik, a girl who is not allowed to play football but gets her dream realised
when she switches body with Pong,a guy who is forced to be on the football team.

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Cinema Online, 13 March 2019

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