What to look out for in "Jaga Pocong"

Writer: Florey DM

When someone asks you for a favor, always double check to find out whether you're doing it for a live person or a dead one. You might laugh but if you're in Mila's shoes, you'll find this advice very useful. The young nurse accepts a job to take care of a woman, only to arrive at the woman's house to find out that she is dead. Now Mila has to take care of the body in an empty house, where suddenly the lights go out and strange things begin to happen. Here's some of what you should keep your eyes peeled for in "Jaga Pocong":

Keep an eye out for Acha Septriasa's shining performance as Mila, a nurse who unknowingly
accepts a job to take care of a deceased woman, Sulastri (Jajang C Noer).

Zack Lee doesn't appear much but he still does a good job playing Radit, Sulastri's son,
who asks Mila to keep vigil over his mother's body while he goes out to make funeral arrangements.

The pocong (wrapped ghost) itself. The horror really kicks in when it starts  wreaking havoc
in the deserted house where only Mila and Radit's little sister Novi remain.

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Cinema Online, 14 March 2019

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