A racing veteran wants to be back on track in "Pegasus"

Writer: Stephen Andre Richard

"Pegasus" tells the story of a former racing champion, Zhang Chi, who is attempting to make a return to the race track. He tries to do so by challenging a champion from the younger generation. He finds himself in a tough situation, however, since he has no money, car and teammates to back him up. Starring the likes of Shen Teng, Winston Chao, Sui He, Johnny Huang and more, the Han Han-directed comedy movie races into cinemas soon. While we wait, let's check out these photos from "Pegasus".

The old-time racing champion, Zhang Chi (Shen Teng), with his son.

One of the racers, Lin Zhendong (Johnny Huang).

Zhang Chi plans to make a return to the racing track by challenging the champion
from the younger generation.

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Cinema Online, 04 February 2019

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