"Suddenly 20": Original vs. Remake cast

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"Suddenly 20" is popping up in cinemas on 12 January 2017. If you're a fan of Korean movies as well as Thai, you would know that the upcoming Davika Hoorne-starrer is a remake of the 2014 Korean comedy, "Miss Granny". The success of the original has spawned remakes in various languages, all just as successful and entertaining. It follows the simple premise of a grandmother who finds herself mysteriously turned back into her 20-year-old self and seizes the chance the relive her life by joining a band and reuniting with her old flame. The Thai remake will have some big granny shoes to fill. The Vietnamese 2015 remake was the highest-grossing local movie in Vietnam, and the Chinese movie also did well internationally. It can't be denied that one of the main reasons the movies are well-received is because of the cast, which for every movie is made up of big names. Let's take a look at the original and remake cast and see how "Suddenly 20" stars will stack up against them:

Young grandma

The 20-year-old "grandma" is the heart of the movie, without a doubt. In the original, Shim Eun-kyung (Pictured above top left) stars as Oh Doo-ri. The 2015 Chinese version, "20 Once Again", sees Yang Zishan (Top right) as Meng Li Jun, while singer-actress Miu Lê (Bottom left) plays the young Thanh Nga in Vietnamese remake, "Sweet 20". Davika Hoorne (Bottom right), star of the Thai version, will have to prove her character Parn can sing and tickle the audience's funny bones as well as the aforementioned actresses for "Suddenly 20" to shine just as brightly on the big screen.

Old grandma

Na Moon-hee (Top left) plays Oh Mal-soon in the Korean original, while Gua Ah-leh (Top right) plays Shen Meng Jun in the Chinese version and Nsut Minh Duc (Bottom left) as Old Mrs. Dai in the Vietnamese version. Neeranuch Padmasuta (Bottom right) will need to be just as grumpy and foul-mouthed as the previous incarnations in order to play the older Parn in "Suddenly 20".


Since the grandson is the lead singer of a band, it is only fitting that the role goes to popular real-life idols, since they have the voice and looks to fit the part, and are one of the major attractions for teenage girls and young women to flock the cinemas to watch the movie. Jung Jinyoung (Top left), leader of Korean idol group B1A4, stars as Ban Ji-ha. Lu Han (Top right), who rose to fame as part of popular Korean group EXO, made his acting debut as Xiang Qianjin a year after his departure from the group. Vietnamese singer-actor Ngo Kien Huy (Bottom left) plays rock singer Tri Tung. Thai actor Kritsanapoom "JJ" Pibulsonggram (Bottom right) has the good looks and acting chops since he has starred in many dramas, but will he be able to sing just as well?

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Cinema Online, 07 January 2017

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