See the hilarious photos of Davika Hoorne in "Suddenly 20"

Writer: Arivintiran Ponnan

"Suddenly 20", the Thai remake of popular Korean comedy "Miss Granny", tells the story of a grumpy foul-mouthed grandma named Parn who one day magically turns into her 20-year-old self again. Thai actress Davika Hoorne stars as Parn, alongside singer Saharat Sangkapricha as Nut and actor Kritsanapoom "JJ" Pibulsonggram as Boom. If the trailers are anything to go by, then the movie will look to reproduce the original Korean production while also accommodating to Thai originality especially in terms of humour. Let us take a closer look at how the movie will pan out as we guide you through the hilarious yet intriguing gallery of "Suddenly 20".

"Suddenly 20" will see the transformation of Parn from a grandma to a young lady.

When a stranger on a bus shows Parn's transformed face to her.

Parn is shocked as she realises she has magically transformed back into her younger self.

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Cinema Online, 05 January 2017

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